Xinye Jiang


Duality and individuality

For Parsons graduate XinYe Jiang, jewelry represents a woman’s second identity. Jiang believes that the female gender should not be bound “rules” and “roles”, and it is with this belief that she founded the brand XINYE JIANG.

Jiang’s designs stem from her background and singular point of view. Growing up in Asia, she is steeped in the rich and traditional values of her ancestors. This is juxtaposed with the western influence she came into contact with during her time abroad, creating a cultural clash from which her style was born. She believes that beauty comes with a soul; her collections such as “LINEHAUS”, “Lady Bamboo” and “Drunken Machine” are all rooted in her observation of everyday objects and occurrences.

‘Anything that’s beautiful needs to have a soul, individuality and depth.’

Injecting undeniable modernity into her design, Jiang comes up with unexpected pieces that showcases the confidence and independence of the contemporary woman.