Olivia Hsieh


The Modern Retro

Designer Olivia Tsz hails from Taiwan with her online store fancy_jewelry_o. Her brand embodies the abstract nature of “beauty”, and how the concept of beauty can be actualized through “creation” and “appreciation”.  

The word “fancy” can mean bright color and exceptional designs, but it can also represent “want”, “obsession”, and “favorite”. For Tsz, “fancy” is the perfect fit for a brand that puts its focus on quality gems and beautiful designs. The harmony of retro softness and sharp modernity is reflected in her simple and sophisticated designs.

Straying from the mainstream, Tsz understands that the beauty of jewelry lies in the uniqueness and rarity of the main stone. She insists on preserving the nature of precious gems by utilizing elegant designs reminiscent of the royalty of old. Tsz’s designs highlight the coloring of natural gems, and each piece is custom-made for her clients.