Eddy Chen

Jewelry is life, the warmest inheritance

Eddy Chen, a jewelry designer from Taiwan, grew up in a metalworking factory since he was a child. He inherited the artistic cell of his father's craftsman, and participated in jewelry making practice in the metalworking factory during his school years.

Life is integrated into jewelry design, Eddy has inherited his father's metalworking skills and jewelry team for more than 40 years, and established the "Henry&Eddy Jewelry" jewelry brand of the same name. The stories are sealed in eternal gems; each piece of creation represents a story, connecting the owner wearing the jewelry, and becoming a beautiful and constant life nick in life.

The designer adheres to the concept of "jewelry is life" and believes that jewelry is not just a luxury to show off wealth, it is a taste of life and the warmest inheritance. Redefine consumers' thinking about jewelry with a simple and elegant style, and integrate jewelry into daily life.