Eugene & Morris



At first glance, Eugene and Morris’s backgrounds and passions could not be more different. Eugene grew up surrounded by nature; he enjoys the simplicity of life, and places originality and creative concepts above all. Morris, on the other hand, grew up in Canada and has lived in cities all over the world, searching for a place to call home. Unlike Eugene, he revels in the transience and glamour of metropolis. These two vastly different souls were brought together in Hong Kong by their pursuit in art, and they created Majade in 2014, putting forth designs that epitomize the delicate equilibrium between them.

Balance is the core value of Majade; the brand features both dynamic trends and steadfast, handmade craftmanship. We are inspired by Chinese philosophy and Western sensibilities, finding a perfect fulcrum between diverting aesthetics. Our pieces are designed with a subtle edge, and their expert workmanship makes them perfect for every day wear. 

Eugene & Morris's Design