Claire Yen

New luxury exists as tight as the skin

Claire graduated from Domus Academy in Milan, majoring in industrial design, starting from simplicity, emphasizing timeless design, and using luxurious materials to show simple and elegant fashion. The design is easy and humorous, with Italian style to create recognizable but delicate and lightweight jewelry.


ARTISMI FINE JEWELRY takes women’s characteristics as the inspiration for the series. The six major series are "tolerance", "brave", "creation", "forward", "change" and "cherish", which are inspired by different design perspectives and inspirations. The resonance of social women. The two classic elements of pearl and diamond are used to combine delicate and elegant classic jewellery that can be stacked at will. Through the mix and match of single items, it tells the personality and story of the wearer.


The brand design studio was established in 2018, calling for new luxury and AKOYA sea pearls, and regularly participates in Paris Fashion Week trade shows.