Candice Hui

Candice Hui graduated from the Central Saint Martins School of Art and Design. She created paperdiamond® at the 2011 L'Art de la Séduction exhibition in Paris.

"Redefining the ordinary" is the concept behind its brand - through good design and craftsmanship, it adds value to her art. Even ordinary materials such as paper can be made into exquisite works of art. Similarly, the best diamonds are also cut. Candice added two seemingly ordinary elements into her jewelry design and became the name of its brand.

Candice Hui creates with her own ideas, sourcing high-quality paper worldwide, from cutting, folding, to assembly and finishing, insisting on completing each product with her own hands. For example, each tiny "diamond" is individually folded to form a special fragment each time.

She believes that designing accessories is like a human being, it is not born to be perfect, and can improve personal quality through acquired "refinement".  She believe that "everyone can accomplish something." We are born to be useful, from being ordinary to being extraordinary.

Candice Hui's Design