Bidou Lee


On the Basis of Dreams

Bidou Li graduated from Fudan University with a degree in Visual Arts and Jewelry Design before pursuing a degree in Fashion Management at the Polimoda in Florence, Italy. She founded her brand Bidou Jewelry in 2016, and established her studio in the United States in the same year, focusing on creation of luxury jewelry and engagement rings.

Li puts a heavy focus on the craftmanship that goes into her products, using her designs as a medium to convey stories and feelings from different stages in life. She hopes that her work with resonate with her wearers, much like a guidebook of sorts. Precious gems and metals are interpreted in a playful light, each piece of condensation of a priceless moment. The simplistic elements in Li’s designs create a unique, yet casual style that lends a wearable quality to luxury jewelry pieces.  

Bidou's Design