Stacy Chen


Use pearls as prelude to dance into a moving and beautiful music in life.


Stacy, a Taiwanese Jewelry designer, has been extremely sensitive and interested in art and design when she was a child. She loves to explore all the beauty related to life. Based on the design background and research on creativity, Stacy founded STACIA JEWELRY, an independent jewelry brand, dumping beauty to the details of jewelry.


STACIA is derived from the ancient Greek ANASTASIA and has the meaning of "brightness and rebirth". Hoping that you wearing STACIA will be able to step into each stage of your life more elegantly and confidently.


Designers are good at creating with natural pearls and mother-of-pearl, and convey the classics with simplicity. The added elements may be natural, asymmetric, renaissance, or retro. Each piece of work is not only elegant at first glance, but also unique and fashionable. It is like adding a colorful cloud to a peaceful sky.


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